Daystar Ranch is owned and operated by Richard and Sharon Furlow and is located in Warren, Texas. Warren is in the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas approximately one hour North of Beaumont and one hour South of Lufkin. We have raised goats for several years concentrating on producing only the highest quality Full Blood Boer Goats.

Today, we strive to improve our herd by pairing our best animals with the best South African Boer Goat genetics available, from the present and the past. We accomplish this by a combination of select natural breedings, artifical imsemination and embryo transfers. We believe that producing superior breeding stock is accomplished by the line breeding of these genetics. Line breeding of superior genetics has produced the most consistent results across the Boer Goat industry.

We put great effort into offering the finest breeding stock and show quality boer goats. We also select for hardiness to ensure that our stock will thrive in a pasture setting. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact us and thanks for visiting our site.

Mr. Clean *Ennobled*

DSRS Smokin Hot Topic

DSRS Chicken Catch-A-Doerie

DSRS Rita's Missy

Word DSRS Pretty in Pink

Word DSRS Sugar Baby



R A Miss Dab *Ennobled*

SGR Heart Has It

Word DSRS Milk Dubs


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Daystar Ranch
Richard & Sharon Furlow
821 County Road 1860
Warren, TX 77664
Cell: 409-239-3709
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Home: 409-834-2092